Woman Kills Husband By Setting Him Ablaze Over Small Argument

A small quarrel between a woman and her husband went to an extreme level as the woman poured lamp oil on the husband. She, then, set him on fire.

As per the reports of the police, the man was offended with his wife’s speaking over the mobile phone with someone. This triggered an argument.

Woman Kills Husband By Setting Him Ablaze Over Small Argument

The police are in search of the accused woman who fled after the incident. An investigation will also be performed against some policemen because of their inaction against the complaint earlier. Reports say that one of the man’s family members went to the police station to lodge an FIR. The complaint was lodged, but the family was waiting for any action from the police.

The case occurred on February 7, 2018, when the husband, Nanke, age 35, had a verbal fight with Pooja, his wife. As Nanke stopped Pooja from talking on the phone, she got angry. She waited until Nanke sleep, after the meal. After he slept, Pooja spilled kerosene on Nanke and burnt him to death.

Nanke’s cries were heard by his other family members who took him to the hospital. The local hospital referred him to Lucknow. However, he died of his injuries last day.

The accused fled in the meanwhile, according to the police. Pramod Kumar, the police superintendent, said the case has already been registered against Pooja, the accused. The case was filed on the basis of complaint reported by the victim’s brother. Police are trying to trace the woman and detain her.

The Superintendent of Police expressed that the case occurred on February 7, 2018, night. From February 8, 2018, to February 12, 2018, no actions were initiated against the women by the policemen, in spite of the FIR lodged by the man’s family on February 8, 2018.

He further added that because of the inactiveness of the policemen, an order has also been given to carry out investigation against them for their carelessness in the duty.

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