Top BJP Ranks In Bengaluru To Sleep In Slums For A Night

State chief leads including Deputy CM R Ashoka, Mohan P.C. the MP at the central and state leader Yeddyurappa will spend a night at the slum.

Top BJP Ranks In Bengaluru To Sleep In Slums For A Night

BJP follows a unique election camping strategy. The top leaders from the party decide to stay at the slum to attract votes from the people who reside below poverty line. The party leaders are totally geared up to come back to power not only at the state level but also at the center. They have recently organized yagna for protecting cows and now are planning to spend time with the poorer sections of the society by staying at slums. Yeddyurappa who is the chief candidate from the state for ministry requested the other premium leaders of the party to stay at any of the slums in their respective localities. He himself has decided to do the same at any of the slums of Gandhinagar assembly, which is at the capital state of Bengaluru. The Deputy CM of the state, R Ashoka and the central Member of Parliament, Mohan P.C. also decided to give company to Yeddyurppa in his slum stay.

Jagadish Shettar, who is the former CM of Karnataka, has planned to spend a night at Hubli, which is at North Karnataka while K S Eshwarappa, a BJP state leader will dine with the slum dwellers of Shimoga, which is also his hometown. MP Karandlaje is also to follow the other leaders by staying at a Mysore slum, which is the hometown of the present chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah.

The party has also decided to construct a minimum of 8 lakh homes for the slum dwellers of the state by 2020; at present almost 70 lakh people stay at slums in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa said that to keep its vote bank strong Congress likes to keep slum dwellers at their present state, while BJP is trying to provide them with a better place of living.

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