Syrian Residents In Ghouta Await Death As Bombings Continue

Local residents of Ghouta district located in the eastern section of Syria are literally “awaiting death” as they are facing one of the strongest bombardments of its cities by government forces to flush out rebel groups holed up in Damascus and surrounding regions. Since the bombing began during the weekend around 310 people have died in the Damascus area of which 38 were killed on Wednesday while more than 1550 were injured as per reports of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The thickly populated region of eastern Ghouta which is an agricultural area located in the outskirts of Damascus is home to 400,000 people.

Syrian Residents In Ghouta Await Death As Bombings Continue

This region is one of the last holds of the rebel forces and has been facing constant attacks by government forces for several years now. The government has escalated its attacks in an attempt to end the war after eight long years and is bombarding the region with rockets and shells and also dropping barrel bombs by helicopters. These are one of the deadliest attacks in the long Syrian war between rebels and government forces. One of Syria’s residents, Bilal Salah who is staying in Douma one of the largest towns in eastern Ghouta stated that they are almost awaiting death.

Most people in the region stay in shelters with five-six families huddling into one home. Photographs of the ground situation by Reuters showed men picking through the debris to pick up inured people to hospitals while some cowered into the building shadows. A warning system for airstrikes that is managed by Syrian Civil Defense sends public alerts to people to take cover when warplanes take off from airbases. UN Secretary General has requested both the warring sections to immediately suspend hostilities in Eastern Ghouta as residents were “living in a hell on earth”. It also denounced the escalation of hostilities as it has affected hospitals and other civilian structures.

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