Special Puja At Visa Temple May Aid In Bringing Back Bank Defaulters

Priests at the popular Chilkur Balaji Temple located close to Hyderabad confidently claim that their prayers will bring back billionaire Nirav Modi accused of escaping overseas after defrauding PNB bank of Rs. 11,300 crores. The man who was last seen at a hotel in New York will be forced to come back by their “special puja” if the government is not able to bring him claim the priests. These head priests here also believe that their puja or combination of prayers and ceremonies will solve the banking crisis plaguing the nation and will help to bring back the money stolen by defaulters that have been hidden away in overseas account.

Special Puja At Visa Temple May Aid In Bringing Back Bank Defaulters

The Chiklur Balaji Temple is popular among locals in the region that are seeking visa to United States and other locations so is referred to as “Visa Temple” by people that visit the deity with hopes of getting their wish fulfilled. The idea of “special pooja” was mooted by the temple’s head priest Dr. MV Soundarajan who is confident that it will bring back money from all defaulters irrespective of their reach and status. The puja conducted on Feb 19th will be attended by several thousand devotees.

Pujaris or priests of the temple will chant the name of lion god “Runa Vimochana Nrusimha Stotram” which is a powerful stotra to relive people of insolvency and debt. Priest CS Gopalakrishna who is also a head priest at the temple stated that the current financial crisis being faced by banks has caused threat to livelihoods of several people and prayers offered to Lord Laxmi Nrusimha whose consort is the goddess of wealth will help to tide over existing debts. He stated that during the special puja the “Runa Vimochana Nrusimha Stotram comprising of nine verses will be chanted by a large group 11 times.

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