Low-Priced Wearable Sensor Formed From Tissue Paper

Tissue paper has been used by scientists to design a wearable sensor (Band-aid sized) that can sense a blink of an eye, a pulse, and other movements of a human. The sensor is flexible, low-priced, and light, with prospective applications in entertainment, robotics, and healthcare, as said by the researchers.

Low-Priced Wearable Sensor Formed From Tissue Paper

The research team at the University of Washington, the United States, demonstrated that by ripping tissue paper encumbered with nanoparticles and severing its fibers, the paper functions as a sensor. It can sense a finger force, heartbeat, eyeball movement, finger movement, and much more, as stated by the UW Associate Professor, Jae-Hyun Chung. He said, “The major breakthrough is a disposable wearable sensor fabricated with inexpensive tissue paper. When the specimen is broken by us, it will function as a sensor.”

These tiny, Band-Aid-sized sensors can have a range of applications in numerous fields. For instance, supervising the eye movement or gait of a person, this can be utilized to examine the brain function or actions of a game player. The sensor can trail how a special-needs kid strides in a home test, thus the kid won’t need to have the visits to the hospital. The sensors can also be utilized in occupational therapy for elders.

Chung said, “The sensors can be disposed of after using them for one time.” The research team utilized paper resembling toilet tissue. Then the paper is soaked with carbon nanotube-enriched water. The carbon nanotubes are small elements that generate electrical conductivity.

Every tissue paper piece has both vertical and horizontal fibers, so when the paper is ragged, the direction of the rip notifies the sensor of what has occurred. To trail the movement of the eye, they are fastened to reading glasses of a person. For the moment, the effort has been limited to a lab, and the research team is hoping to discover an appropriate commercial use.


Samsung Turns Out To Be Largest Chip Manufacturer In The World, Intel Drops The Crown Post 25 Years

For the initial time in the last 25 Years, Samsung has smacked the ever so admired Intel in its own commerce of chip manufacturing. The tech major of South Korea has shown its chip sales for 2017 of $69 Billion, which is $6 Billion extra in comparison to what Intel clocked—$63 Billion.

Samsung Turns Out To Be Largest Chip Manufacturer In The World, Intel Drops The Crown Post 25 Years

The report claims that Intel, in spite of crossing the mark of $63 Billion, displayed a development by 6%. The US-located firm already has its chips running on more than 90% of the computing gadgets. Samsung, in contrast, has its other processors including Exynos heading sturdy in particular markets. It is also the authorized maker for one chipset manufacture—Qualcomm. The chip manufacturer already has its processors of Snapdragon operating on almost all the Android handset in the sector.

Intel, in addition to ARM and AMD, may encounter some heat in first quarter of 2018 though for its latest incident of “Spectre” and “Meltdown,” which were 2 of the nastiest processors errors discovered and are said to have impacted almost all the computing devices and handsets.

On the other hand, both Intel and Samsung are already encountering tough rivalry arriving from Apple and some companies too. Apple is presently claimed to be operating on new co-chips for its Mac devices. In the mean time, Google is also rumored to bring additional custom silicon in coming period. The latest contract between HTC and Google might drive efforts of Google in vying with Apple by making its personalized processors with relative comfort.

MediaTek is one more contestant, which is not as huge as Intel, Qualcomm, or Samsung but is steadily receiving speed in the business of chip making. The firm previous month rolled out 3 new chips optimized for Android Oreo (Go Edition) OS of Google. A couple of days back it also declared its affiliation with Reliance Jio as well.

Nissan To Roll Out Fresh All-Electric Leaf In Asia-Pacific

This week Nissan Motor Co claimed that it will roll out the latest edition of Leaf, its all-electric car, in 7 markets of Asia-Pacific. It also claimed that it will explore conveying it to 2 more market, in its newest attempt to drive sales of electrified cars. Lower-emission cars have turned out to be a huge precedence for the top auto manufacturers in the world, who are hovering to roll out dozens of fresh hybrid gasoline-electric and battery electric models over the upcoming 5 Years.

Nissan To Roll Out Fresh All-Electric Leaf In Asia-Pacific

Being second biggest automaker of Japan, Nissan will roll out the model in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand at the time of the subsequent financial year, and also explore rolling out it in the Philippines and Indonesia. The firm is also seeking at the alternative of conveying cars on the basis of its gasoline hybrid technology of “e-Power” to Southeast Asia.

“We are gravely aiming. I need to find some fine opportunities to declare some tangible timing in the industry,” Nissan’s regional head, Yutaka Sanada, claimed to the media in an interview while talking of the technology this week. He claimed that the tech was a very fine bridge to draw car purchasers to try electric cars as it offered the experience of operating an electric vehicle, but did not need stations for charging.

Presently, electric vehicles add up for a tiny part in Southeast Asia of the market, owing to the lack of charging infrastructure and low affordability. For instance, the share of electric and hybrid cars last year was below 0.4% in Indonesia and 2% in Thailand in comparison to 27.3% of Japan, claims the information from LMC Automotive. Sanada claimed that while there were no instantaneous plans to make electric cars in Southeast Asia, the company might mull over domestic production depending on the growth of the market.

Apple Homepod Falls Behind Rivals On AI Assistant Performance In Latest Test

Loup Ventures, the US-located venture capital company, employed an overabundance of model questions to trial the chief smart speakers presently in the industry. It seems that Siri, the intelligent assistant fueling the HomePod from Apple, has some homework to do in comparison to the rivals.

Apple Homepod Falls Behind Rivals On AI Assistant Performance In Latest Test

Loup Ventures has experimented the Amazon Echo, the Apple HomePod, the Harman Kardon Invoke, and the Google Home smart speakers. In actuality, the test seems Siri go up in opposition to competitor AI assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana.

Even though Siri recognized 99.4% of the 782 queries inquired by examiners, AI assistant of Apple was only able to reply to 52.3% of them properly, positioning Apple behind rivals that were also tested by the company. Google Assistant replied 81% of the test queries properly, while Cortana gave answer to 57% properly, and Alexa replied 64% properly.

HomePod smart speaker from Apple has just been rolled out in the U.S., where it traded for $349. Revealed at Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple in June last year, this smart device has a couple of things up its sleeve to be prominent from rivals. HomePod has an exceptional group of 7 beam-forming tweeters that exactly aim the sound, from very thin beams all the way to consistent and true 360-degree audio. By focusing on those beams all over the room, the tweeters produce an immersive space sense—no matter where you’re sitting or where HomePod is.

An influential A8 chip designed by Apple is the brains at the rear of the most multifaceted audio improvements in HomePod. It is similar to the synchronized modeling of the woofer technicalities. The buffering is even more sophisticated and faster than run time. It is an ideal up-mixing of both ambient and direct audio. The Beam-forming allows your voice to be heard by the microphone over the music. And enhanced echo cancellation gets you astonishing sound as well.

Flipkart Plans To Employ Ebay To Challenge OLX And Quikrbazaar

Flipkart is finalizing an additional use for eBay India after agreeing to use it as a worldwide sales marketplace for its millions of sellers to trade refurbished or used products. The largest online platform of India will mainly employ eBay India, which it lately obtained, to trade used products it gets from users via its buyback guarantee schemes and product exchange offers, as per 3 people having deep knowledge of the plans of the company.

Flipkart Plans To Employ Ebay To Challenge OLX And Quikrbazaar

The entry of Flipkart into the online 2nd-hand goods business will place it directly against OLX and QuikrBazaar in a chiefly unorganized market. Amazon India by now trades refurbished mobile handsets as well as permits users to trade used goods via its platform openly. “Flipkart is discovering various possibilities to use the platform of eBay India and is not being preventive to a segment or a range of business,” a Flipkart spokesperson claimed to the media.

Flipkart had claimed at the time of its acquirement of eBay.in that the marketplace might be used for cross-border sale, a move developed to give vendors of Flipkart the access to global users of eBay and user of Flipkart access to global inventory of goods of eBay. The repurposing of Flipkart for eBay.in as a marketplace for used products ties in with its various plans to boost sales.

For example, at the time of its Big Billion Days sale, 1 in 4 users purchased premium handsets in the category with its buyback guarantee offer, as per the firm. That might probably leave Flipkart with a huge number of 2nd-hand handsets when those users agree to use the assurance, which can probably be traded via eBay.in post refurbishing. Flipkart traded 1.3 Million handsets within the initial 20 Hours of the segment opening for trade. Flipkart presently operates with seller below scrap bionetwork to circulate used goods that it gets from users.

FB Says They Won’t be Hiring Publishers To Update Content

Facebook’s Campbell Brown who heads News Partnerships declared that she would be responsible for ensuring that Facebook carries quality news and but will have nothing to do with persuading organizations to include their news content on Facebook. She was speaking at the California based ‘Code Media 2018’ convention arranged by ReCode. Brown who was earlier an anchor on CNN and NBC had joined Facebook in the past year to head its News Partnership section.

FB Says They Won’t be Hiring Publishers To Update Content

A report contained in ‘The Verge’ gave her take on the effects of stopping of the news content flow from Folha de Sao Paolo, one of the big newspapers of Brazil. She found it hardly surprising as the newspaper had been erratic in publishing news on Facebook for quite some time. Anyways she clarified that it was not under her job profile to prevail upon the publishers. Publishers were free to decide if Facebook suited them or not.

Brown also revealed certain updates introduced on Facebook and one of them was permitting the sale of news sites subscriptions by publishers. Another was the prioritization of local news on Facebook’s News Feed which would enable users to keep abreast of the happenings in their locality. The ‘See First’ element of Facebook allowed one to rank the sources of their news content.

Alex Hardiman, who heads News Product and Brown, felt that in the absence of any criteria for publisher eligibility, the news prioritization feature will prove beneficial to big-sized local publishers and niche topic oriented ones. However, the greatest beneficiaries would be small-sized new outlets more than any other due to their focused readership at one site. Besides this feature of prioritization of news content, Facebook was also involved in bringing out a section titled ‘Today In’ which was dedicated to connecting users to the happenings and events in their area. This however, is still in the testing stage.

Congress Wants To Repeat The Gujarat Strategy In MP

The Madhya Pradesh OBC section has suddenly become very important to both the BJP & the Congress in the state. Radhanpur’s Congress MLA, Alpesh Thakor is trying to create the Gujarat magic during election time in Madhya Pradesh by organizing a mammoth convention in the following three months of OBCs for addressing their issues and problems. A public meeting will also be held by Hardik Patel, PAAS leader from Gujarat on February 19 in Bhopal.

Congress Wants To Repeat The Gujarat Strategy In MP

Thakor aimed at bringing together the minorities, SC/STs and OBCs for ensuring the grant of rights as laid down in the constitution for them and aligned with the fight begun by Lokendra Singh Gurjar, the OBC leader in the state.

 He revealed the failure of the MP government in providing the jobless youth, farmers and backward classes their due rights. He stated that 15% out of the total OBCs of 54% in Gujarat were employed while in Madhya Pradesh the percentage of employed youth was a mere 6%.

Thakor criticized the PM for not focusing on welfare steps for the OBCs and also condemned the PM’s recent remarks on frying of pakodas and explained his reasons for making the mushroom taunt at the PM. He felt that the PM was focusing more on the interests of Palestine and Taiwan rather than his own country. As for the BJP’s Gujarat win, it was all due to a show of wealth and muscle strength.

The Congress’ efforts to wrest the OBC votes from the BJP did not go down well with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He counteracted the Congress move by inducting three OBC ministers during a cabinet reshuffle. He also organized a mammoth convention of farmers in Bhopal to be held on Monday. The OBC which constitute 50% of the population in the state is being eyed by the Congress as a possible vote bank during the forthcoming elections in the state.

Another Blow To Kingfisher, To Fork $90 Million In Settlement

The High Court of UK granted BOC Aviation which is based in Singapore an approximate claim of $90 million against Vijay Mallya’s inoperative Kingfisher Airlines in a legal proceeding.

Another Blow To Kingfisher, To Fork $90 Million In Settlement

This case on Mallya that is related to his loan fraud which is approximately Rs 9,000 crore goes back to Westminster Magistrates Court and concerns the aircrafts leased by Kingfisher Airlines in 2014. The judgment was made against the defendants due to lack of proper prospects on resisting the claim.

An agreement was made between BOC Aviation which leases aircraft and Kingfisher Airlines for leasing 4 planes out of which only 3 were delivered, the fourth one was not delivered as no payment was made in advance as per mentioned in the agreement of lease. The claim is made by BOC Aviation as a Security Deposit of the leased planes.

The judgment passed by Justice Picken states that both United Breweries and Kingfisher Airlines must pay the claim to BOC Aviation which is $ 90 million that includes the delayed amount to be paid along with interest and legal cost.

Mallya was deported in April last year by Scotland Yard and he is on a bail bond of £650,000 and he arrives for his trial since December last year. Kingfisher has not yet responded to this. The final hearing on the case is scheduled in March and the judgment may come in May.

The defense has given a set of evidence to prove that the failure of Kingfisher Airlines was due to the crisis in Global Market and not due to his unwillingness in repaying the loan. On the other hand, the Crown Prosecution Service which represents Government of India has evidence that states Mallya has deceived and procured loans. There is another lawsuit which orders seizing Mallya’s assets worth $1.5 Billion.

Gmail go versatile variant for Android Go phones now accessible on Google Play store

gmail goDays in the wake of revealing the thinned down adaptation of the first Gmail application, otherwise known as Gmail Go to the web clients, Google on Thursday presented the portable variant of the application too. The new Android Oreo (Go release) based Gmail Go application is presently accessible for download by means of the Google Play store telephone rendition. It is imperative that the Gmail Go application is perfect with gadgets running on Android 8.1 Oreo and later programming forms as it were. The key features of the new Gmail application are that it expends less space on smartphones and works consummately even in poor web network.

The Gmail Go application is outlined particularly for the Android Go phones. Along these lines, in the event that you utilize, or wanting to purchase a telephone with 1GB or bring down RAM, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to cheer. The application is essentially implied for smartphones with fundamental determinations and lower-end processors. As specified before, this conditioned down adaptation of the normal application works impeccably in poor availability zones, devours less information and furthermore involves a tiny part of the cell phone, while as yet giving all the fundamental functionalities.

Gmail Go APK estimate is considerably littler, around 9.51MB, contrasted with the first Gmail application which is as large as 20.66MB. The span of the application goes up to 24.80MB instead of 47.28MB for the general application. Thus, Gmail Go is about half in estimate than the consistent Gmail application that we have been utilizing for the past such a significant number of years.

The Go adaptation of Gmail application works a considerable measure like the first Gmail application, and furthermore accompanies some extra highlights and some corrective or configuration changes all over. The tined down variant application comes a few highlights like – savvy inbox include, essentially isolates messages and demonstrates the imperative messages first. Gmail Go displays the messages from loved ones to begin with, while social and special messages are ordered conveniently for when you have time.

Gmail Go additionally accompanies an element that let clients square spam messages before it hits their inbox. It fundamentally keeps the client far from spam messages and thus, shields the record from pernicious exercises and protects it, secure and mess free.

Gmail Go accompanies 15GB of free stockpiling, this takes away the migraine of erasing messages to spare space. With Gmail Go, you can get email notices simply like the first Gmail application. Strikingly, by means of Gmail Go, you can both read and react both on the web and disconnected and furthermore discover messages rapidly with an intense web index. You can likewise set up different records on Gmail Go, it fundamentally gives you a chance to set up both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses – Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email.

Generally speaking, the Gmail Go interface looks precisely like the fundamental application – there’s the multi-select choice, and after that there’s likewise swipe motions accessible. Since it is the lighter variant of the first Gmail application, opening an email stacks the whole substance, including pictures quite quick. In conclusion, Gmail Go has launcher application easy routes too which will let you straight away hop to any of your record inboxes or making a message.

BJP Believes Modi And Yogi Will Win Them Upcoming Bypolls

There is one month to go for the by-polls of Lok Sabha of Phulpur and Gorakhpur and while BJP is counting on Modi at central government and Yogi government to hold on to the 2 seats, opposition claims that the UP government has failed to keep up the promises they made to the people thereby improving their chance on these seats.

BJP Believes Modi And Yogi Will Win Them Upcoming Bypolls

Adityanath Yogi and his Deputy Maurya had vacated their seats in the Lok Sabha of these seats after becoming members of Legislative Council.

After the results in Gujarat elections and Rajasthan by-elections, these upcoming bypolls will keep the Congress on a test.

Yogi Adityanath has represented Gorakhpur in Lok Sabha for five times and before him, for three times Yogi’s mentor Avaidyanath represented it in Parliament, so this constituency is important to the BJP.

The by-polls are scheduled on March 11, 2018, and Rakesh Tripathi, a BJP spokesperson stated that BJP will be victorious just like March, 2017 elections where BJP won 325 seats with its allies out of total 403. He also added that BJP won in 2017 due to Modi Government’s performance and now with Yogi in UP they will bag these seats too.

Congress asserts that in UP, they will spot out the shortcomings of the Yogi government to the people. Ashok Singh, a Congress representative from UP said that they will contest for the seats in Gorakhpur as well as Phulpur. They will show the people of UP how miserably BJP has failed to keep up the promises they made in the previous election, how the problems of people are still unresolved and people still suffer due to lack of regulation of laws in the state.

The members of both the parties, Congress and SP, claim they will strongly contest on these seats and will win.