Hand-Crafted Boutique Headphones Made For Music Lovers

If you are in search for an advanced pair of headphones to match the metal link watchband going with the Rolex on your arm, TECA Technologies has exactly the right thing. Motivated by Swiss watch manufactures who take huge pride in their skill, the Luzli Roller Mk01 headphones sports an all metal headband that proves to be ideal for travel.

Hand-Crafted Boutique Headphones Made For Music Lovers

The Roller Mk01 headphones are not targeted for daily traveler, but at music appreciators who are in search for a tad bit difference and value hand-made luxury. The headphones are made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum (even though there is a magnesium alloy present in the craft) and a unique steel headband, with 22 steel springs that are claimed to assist mold the headband to a customer’s head. When the journey filled with music ends, the Mk01 headphones turn up like a pangolin for portability.

Rather than circumaural, these headphones fall in the “on-ear” category, which may restrict reactive isolation from the exterior world, even though the firm thinks these headphones are better cancellation of natural noise. The clogged-back headphones come with 2 pair of foam ear pads that are the outcome of exact match testing.

Enhanced by the German audio engineering, the Rollers features 30 mm dynamic drivers, with the guarantee of unbiased sound, 114 dB SPL, an impedance of 32 Ohms, a frequency response of 110 Hz, as well as total harmonic distortion of less than 0.5%. The firm claims that the signature of the sound is very warm, which is perfect for jazz, vocals, and classical.

Around 10 years in the development, every Luzli Roller Mk01 is hand-made by Andrew James Lee to order in Switzerland and arrives in a wooden staging box. The headphones are only obtainable direct from the producer and have a price tag of $3,000.

Another Charge By Congress On RSS, This Time It Is Books!

Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, one of leading Congress leaders charged the BJP led government in Maharashtra on Tuesday of anomalies in its purchase order for books meant for extra reading by school going children.

Another Charge By Congress On RSS, This Time It Is Books!

According to him, a purchase deal of Rs 8.17 crore out of the total Rs 41 crore was done through a RSS linked publication by the name of ‘Bhartiya Vichar Sadhana’ and which included books at inflated rates. Two books which could be obtained for Rs 20 were bought for Rs 50 by the state government. The books focused more on religion and mythology rather than history which was the need of the hour. The subject matter and the descriptive style too were beyond the comprehension of primary school going children and therefore according to him it was best if they were withdrawn. Vikhe Patil also had a grouse against the department of state education for placing an order for books on PM, Narendra Modi’s life.

Another charge levied by him against the state government was with respect to appointment of inexperienced institutions affiliated to RSS for conducting an analysis on the issue of Maratha quota. Instead of allotting the work to renowned institutes like the Gokahle Institute of Politics and Economics or Tata Institute of Social Sciences, it was given to the unheard Sharda Consultancy Services from Nagpur and Rambhau Mhalagi Probodhini from Mumbai.

Taking a jibe at the state government Vikhe Patil stated that using RSS related ‘Keshav Srushti’ and ‘Reshim Baug’ by the state government for holding imminent meetings and assembly sessions respectively would not be surprising.

He was against the government funding of ‘Shiv Srushti’, a Shivaji Maharaj based mammoth park project undertaken by Babasaheb Purandarein Ambegaon Budruk which lies in the district of Pune. According to him Shivaji Maharaj’s history has been distorted by Purandare and he therefore felt that the park project should involve recommendations of well-known historical experts rather than relying solely on Purandare’s imagination.


Facebook Declares Huge Investment To Give Power To Community Leaders

Facebook has declared that for Community Leadership Program it will pledge hundreds of millions of dollars. This program is designed to give power to worldwide leaders who are creating communities via its family of services and apps. Besides this, Facebook might also pledge up to $10 Million in incentives that will go straightly to individuals leading and creating communities so that the program can have more affect with extra support, the firm claimed said to the media in an interview this week at the Facebook Communities Summit Europe.

Facebook Declares Huge Investment To Give Power To Community Leaders

“Apart from this, we rolled out new equipments for group admins and the growth of our London-supported engineering team that develops tech to assist keep users secure on Facebook,” the social media behemoth claimed in a blog. Under the program, he company might provide Fellowship and Residency chances to community leaders for support, training, and funding from all over the world.

“Almost 5 leaders will be awarded almost $1,000,000 each to support their offers and will be elected to be community leaders in residence,” it claimed. “Almost 100 leaders will be chosen for our fellowship scheme and will get almost $50,000 each to be employed for a particular community program,” the firm claimed.

Facebook will also branch out its program of Community Leadership Circles that conveys local community leaders jointly to meet up personally to learn, connect, and collaborate as well as Groups for Facebook Power Admins that is being operated with over 10,000 group admins in Britain and the U.S. to assist leader share recommendation with each other. In the meantime, the new equipments for Group Members and Admins might keep their communities organized, safe, and engaged.

With the Admin Tools, admins can now look out for member requests and Group Insights freeing up more time for admins and making it simpler to manage groups to link with users.

Top BJP Ranks In Bengaluru To Sleep In Slums For A Night

State chief leads including Deputy CM R Ashoka, Mohan P.C. the MP at the central and state leader Yeddyurappa will spend a night at the slum.

Top BJP Ranks In Bengaluru To Sleep In Slums For A Night

BJP follows a unique election camping strategy. The top leaders from the party decide to stay at the slum to attract votes from the people who reside below poverty line. The party leaders are totally geared up to come back to power not only at the state level but also at the center. They have recently organized yagna for protecting cows and now are planning to spend time with the poorer sections of the society by staying at slums. Yeddyurappa who is the chief candidate from the state for ministry requested the other premium leaders of the party to stay at any of the slums in their respective localities. He himself has decided to do the same at any of the slums of Gandhinagar assembly, which is at the capital state of Bengaluru. The Deputy CM of the state, R Ashoka and the central Member of Parliament, Mohan P.C. also decided to give company to Yeddyurppa in his slum stay.

Jagadish Shettar, who is the former CM of Karnataka, has planned to spend a night at Hubli, which is at North Karnataka while K S Eshwarappa, a BJP state leader will dine with the slum dwellers of Shimoga, which is also his hometown. MP Karandlaje is also to follow the other leaders by staying at a Mysore slum, which is the hometown of the present chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah.

The party has also decided to construct a minimum of 8 lakh homes for the slum dwellers of the state by 2020; at present almost 70 lakh people stay at slums in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa said that to keep its vote bank strong Congress likes to keep slum dwellers at their present state, while BJP is trying to provide them with a better place of living.

IT Players Witness An Increment In Utilization Rate

As the tech majors struggle with changing consumer behavior and digital tech, their stress on enhancing the productivity of their labor force appears to be paying off with utilization levels enhancing by almost 600 bps (basis points)

*100bps = 1 percentage point

IT Players Witness An Increment In Utilization Rate

Increasing utilization levels is an important fraction of the fiscal review procedure as these numbers represent the labor force efficiency of the firm. With various winds of alteration affecting the IT segment (from automation and digitalization to tightening client spends) finding the correct individual with the correct skill, or re-skilling the current labor force, has turned out to be paramount.

All the IT players have been pumping in noteworthy effort and time in preparing and re-skilling their labor force for computerization. For example, in the past 1 Year, CTS has witnessed a 6% elevation in utilization (comprising trainees). The firm concluded the year with a labor force of 260,000, or 200 few as compared to previous year. The marked alteration in hiring schemes was obvious with CTS making an entry in the colleges for campus placements various weeks behind pipeline. It has posted 10% development in incomes as compared to previous year with less people.

Phil Fersht, CEO and chief analyst at HfS Research, claimed, “The Indian legacy IT players are swiftly calculating how to supply business and technology services with less workforce, via smart usage of AI, automation tools, constant refinement, and digitalization of people delivery.”

Amongst other tech companies, Infosys posted a 4% elevation and HCL gave 1% enhancement in utilization. While Wipro witnessed its utilization levels increase at the time of previous year, but concluded flat. In terms of inclusions, Wipro witnessed a fall, concluding the year with 1.77 Lakh workers. This was 1,625 workers less than December 2016. Both Infosys and TCS saw an increment in the past 5 quarters in headcount.

Canada PM Trudeau in India for 7 days to Strengthen Ties

Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada will be arriving in India on Saturday. Preceding his arrival, the National Security Advisors of both the countries have met to set everything in order before the meeting of Narendra Modi and Justin Trudeau.

Canada PM Trudeau in India for 7 days to Strengthen Ties

Tie-ups on the front of Counter-terrorism and Defense mechanism will be at the center of this meeting of the two counterparts.

There are chances that the investment of Canada in India may be decreased due to lack of security. The Prime Minister of both the countries will be talking regarding this on February 23, 2018, to decide upon the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

Last week, the mediators from India and Canada met to conclude upon this agreement. Since past few years, Canadian investment has been around $15 billion and this pact may enhance the investments in India.

Last year the trade between India and Canada was equivalent in import and export amounting to $4 billion on each side.

Trudeau will be visiting Ahmadabad, Agra, Amritsar and Mumbai apart from the strategic meeting with Modi in Delhi.

His itinerary will start from Agra where he will visit Taj Mahal on February 18, 2018, then to Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmadabad on the following day and a visit to Akshardham in Gandhinagar followed by an event in IIM-Ahmadabad.

His Mumbai visit will take place on February 20, where he will meet with business leaders and film industry representatives.

He will be visiting Golden Temple in Amritsar on February 21. The next day in Delhi, he will visit Jama Masjid and on February 23 his meeting with Modi will take place.

The relation between India and Canada has been on the path of improvement as Indians are the second largest immigrants in Canada and also it is becoming an education center for Indian students.

Google Appoints Ex-Samsung Executive To Direct Internet Of Things Projects

Injong Rhee has been hired by Google earlier this month. Through a LinkedIn post, Rhee notified that he will be directing the Internet of Things (IoT) business at Google. Besides giving an idea pertaining to his work nature and designation that he will be taking further at Google, he also shared his acquaintance with Samsung where he employed as the Chief Technology Officer.

Google Appoints Ex-Samsung Executive To Direct Internet Of Things Projects

Rhee also notified that he will work as entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) and update to Diane Greene, who is cloud computing group’s Chief Executive of Google, which is essentially focused at selling hardware and software to other businesses.

In the post, Rhee stated, “I am excited and thrilled to inform you that I’m going to be a part of Google and serve as an EIR to head their IoT business. Diane Greene is who I will be reporting to and is Google Cloud’s CEO and board member of the parent company of Google—Alphabet.” In addition, Google’s spokeswoman, Jane Hynes, also verified Rhee’s hiring news by the cloud computing unit of Google.

Explaining the work nature at Google, he mentioned, “One of the primary things I would wish to do with my Google coworkers is to get these attempts harmonized and lined up toward a determined IoT legend of Google—in the course, produce distinct enterprise and consumer product lines. With backing from Diane as well as other members of the management team, I look forward to develop the Google IoT into a profitable and sustainable business line.”

Also, Rhee told about his journey of 6 years at Samsung. He told that he walked out of Samsung in the December month. Further telling about his work nature at Samsung Rhee said, “My explorations at Samsung with a lot of talented coworkers allowed me to make and be part of numerous pioneering product rollouts. While I will relish my period at Samsung always, it is time to set out on my next adventure.”

Fourth Quarter Loss Of Uber Narrows To $1.1 Billion

Uber Technologies Inc lessened its loss from $1.46 Billion in the last quarter to a loss of $1.1 Billion for fourth quarter, a person well known with the issue claimed to the media in an interview. The ride-hailing firm’s quarterly income increased to $2.2 Billion by 11.8% from its last quarter, the source claimed.

Fourth Quarter Loss Of Uber Narrows To $1.1 Billion

Uber has gone on to lift more than $14 Billion in new round of funding and previous month inked a contract with SoftBank Group Corp in which the Japanese company , in addition to other sponsors, took almost a 17.5% share in the firm. Quarterly gross bookings of Silicon Valley-supported Uber increased to $11.1 Billion by 14% from the third quarter, the source claimed. The company had earlier reported net loss of $1.46 Billion for third quarter on net income of $2 Billion. Uber had $9.7 Billion of gross bookings in the last quarter.

Last week Uber claimed that it would pay $245 Million value of its own stakes to self-driving vehicle unit of Alphabet Inc., Waymo, to resolve a lawful argument over trade secrets. This will allow chief executive of Uber to move past one of the most bruising communal controversies of the company. The settlement declaration this week conveyed an unexpected halt to the fascinating case just prior to the 5th day of case was to start in federal court at a jury testimony at San Francisco.

In a court case filed in 2017, Waymo claimed that one of its previous engineers who turned out to be the chief of self-driving car project of Uber took thousands of secret documents with him. Uber removed its chief of self-driving post Waymo took legal action, and it is well lagging on its pipeline to organize fleets of autonomous vehicles in one of the most profitable contest in Silicon Valley.

Woman Kills Husband By Setting Him Ablaze Over Small Argument

A small quarrel between a woman and her husband went to an extreme level as the woman poured lamp oil on the husband. She, then, set him on fire.

As per the reports of the police, the man was offended with his wife’s speaking over the mobile phone with someone. This triggered an argument.

Woman Kills Husband By Setting Him Ablaze Over Small Argument

The police are in search of the accused woman who fled after the incident. An investigation will also be performed against some policemen because of their inaction against the complaint earlier. Reports say that one of the man’s family members went to the police station to lodge an FIR. The complaint was lodged, but the family was waiting for any action from the police.

The case occurred on February 7, 2018, when the husband, Nanke, age 35, had a verbal fight with Pooja, his wife. As Nanke stopped Pooja from talking on the phone, she got angry. She waited until Nanke sleep, after the meal. After he slept, Pooja spilled kerosene on Nanke and burnt him to death.

Nanke’s cries were heard by his other family members who took him to the hospital. The local hospital referred him to Lucknow. However, he died of his injuries last day.

The accused fled in the meanwhile, according to the police. Pramod Kumar, the police superintendent, said the case has already been registered against Pooja, the accused. The case was filed on the basis of complaint reported by the victim’s brother. Police are trying to trace the woman and detain her.

The Superintendent of Police expressed that the case occurred on February 7, 2018, night. From February 8, 2018, to February 12, 2018, no actions were initiated against the women by the policemen, in spite of the FIR lodged by the man’s family on February 8, 2018.

He further added that because of the inactiveness of the policemen, an order has also been given to carry out investigation against them for their carelessness in the duty.

Chinese Media And Tech Companies Support Desi News Websites

Chinese media groups and technology are more and more supporting content and news apps processing in India as they seek to duplicate their achievement back home. Most of these companies, which aim for vernacular and nonmetro speaking users, are tapping into the increasing base of a handset-employing population outside big metros.

Chinese Media And Tech Companies Support Desi News Websites

A Hong Kong-based news-aggregating application, NewsDog, has held discussions with China’s Tencent to lift finance. One of the top news application on the Google Play Store in India, News-Dog (just similar to UCWeb, which is supported by Tencent’s competitor Alibaba) aggregates other types of content including news. UCWeb is a browsing website that provides a series of entertainment and news content.

One of the oldest companies in the segment, Bengaluru-located DailyHunt, as well, pumped in $25 Million in funding from ByteDance in 2016. ByteDance, capitalized at $20 Billion, operates Toutiao (the popular news reader application), which has over 120 Million daily consumers investing 74 Minutes each day on the website, as per global reports.

A venture entrepreneur who has spending in content and media claimed that online content companies have posted huge development in China. “With companies such as Kuai Shou, Toutiao, and others, most Chinese companies are seeking to duplicate their achievement here in India and need a play here as well.”

But Chinese funds in news websites is a hot-button topic. The media last year reported that the Government of Indian was thinking of prohibiting UCWeb of Alibaba here since it got complaints of information theft by the website. UCWeb has almost 130 Million active users each month in India, as per newest figures by the firm.

Partner for media & entertainment at EY India, Rakesh Jariwala, claimed, “From a spending point of view, this is just smart Chinese financial supporting interesting chances in this segment internationally including in India.”