Organizing The Employees Into A Labor Union Essential To Tackle Grievances In It Industry

Santosh Lad, Labor Minister of Karnataka, has claimed unionization is not needed in the IT sector and further stated that workers can log in grievances of supposed unfair sale practices between the government and they would deal with it. IT workers unions, situated outside Karnataka, have been attempting to organize IT employees in the state, owing to the reports about huge amount of layoffs. Lad said to the media that his section has got grievances from the unions, but they did not go through any particular problem.

Organizing The Employees Into A Labor Union Essential To Tackle Grievances In It Industry

“It has come into highlight that there are grievances being registered with the labor section by these supposed IT unions. However, these grievances are all generalized and talk about the layoffs all over the nation. For the state government to respond, we need particular evidence and information,” he claimed.

When it was highlighted that workers may be indisposed to bring particular allegations due to the lack of unionization, Lad claimed that the state can manage the illegal cutbacks. “While the BT and IT industry has been provided with an exception from the labor department’s standing orders, it does not mean we can’t take action against IT firms that use unreasonable sale practices to lay off workers,” he stated.

He claimed that if workers are in a dilemma of bringing grievances personally, a group can come together. A government administrator claimed that the union legislatures, at the time of meetings with the government, were discovered to be not aware of current corporate rules and the nature of issues that IT workers were facing in Karnataka.

When discussed, Priyank Kharge, the IT Minister, claimed that his section is attempting to bridge the gap between the employees and the IT firms on the problem of layoffs. “We are taking in other stakeholders along with Nasscom,” he stated.

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