Nissan To Roll Out Fresh All-Electric Leaf In Asia-Pacific

This week Nissan Motor Co claimed that it will roll out the latest edition of Leaf, its all-electric car, in 7 markets of Asia-Pacific. It also claimed that it will explore conveying it to 2 more market, in its newest attempt to drive sales of electrified cars. Lower-emission cars have turned out to be a huge precedence for the top auto manufacturers in the world, who are hovering to roll out dozens of fresh hybrid gasoline-electric and battery electric models over the upcoming 5 Years.

Nissan To Roll Out Fresh All-Electric Leaf In Asia-Pacific

Being second biggest automaker of Japan, Nissan will roll out the model in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand at the time of the subsequent financial year, and also explore rolling out it in the Philippines and Indonesia. The firm is also seeking at the alternative of conveying cars on the basis of its gasoline hybrid technology of “e-Power” to Southeast Asia.

“We are gravely aiming. I need to find some fine opportunities to declare some tangible timing in the industry,” Nissan’s regional head, Yutaka Sanada, claimed to the media in an interview while talking of the technology this week. He claimed that the tech was a very fine bridge to draw car purchasers to try electric cars as it offered the experience of operating an electric vehicle, but did not need stations for charging.

Presently, electric vehicles add up for a tiny part in Southeast Asia of the market, owing to the lack of charging infrastructure and low affordability. For instance, the share of electric and hybrid cars last year was below 0.4% in Indonesia and 2% in Thailand in comparison to 27.3% of Japan, claims the information from LMC Automotive. Sanada claimed that while there were no instantaneous plans to make electric cars in Southeast Asia, the company might mull over domestic production depending on the growth of the market.

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