Google Appoints Ex-Samsung Executive To Direct Internet Of Things Projects

Injong Rhee has been hired by Google earlier this month. Through a LinkedIn post, Rhee notified that he will be directing the Internet of Things (IoT) business at Google. Besides giving an idea pertaining to his work nature and designation that he will be taking further at Google, he also shared his acquaintance with Samsung where he employed as the Chief Technology Officer.

Google Appoints Ex-Samsung Executive To Direct Internet Of Things Projects

Rhee also notified that he will work as entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) and update to Diane Greene, who is cloud computing group’s Chief Executive of Google, which is essentially focused at selling hardware and software to other businesses.

In the post, Rhee stated, “I am excited and thrilled to inform you that I’m going to be a part of Google and serve as an EIR to head their IoT business. Diane Greene is who I will be reporting to and is Google Cloud’s CEO and board member of the parent company of Google—Alphabet.” In addition, Google’s spokeswoman, Jane Hynes, also verified Rhee’s hiring news by the cloud computing unit of Google.

Explaining the work nature at Google, he mentioned, “One of the primary things I would wish to do with my Google coworkers is to get these attempts harmonized and lined up toward a determined IoT legend of Google—in the course, produce distinct enterprise and consumer product lines. With backing from Diane as well as other members of the management team, I look forward to develop the Google IoT into a profitable and sustainable business line.”

Also, Rhee told about his journey of 6 years at Samsung. He told that he walked out of Samsung in the December month. Further telling about his work nature at Samsung Rhee said, “My explorations at Samsung with a lot of talented coworkers allowed me to make and be part of numerous pioneering product rollouts. While I will relish my period at Samsung always, it is time to set out on my next adventure.”

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