Flipkart Plans To Employ Ebay To Challenge OLX And Quikrbazaar

Flipkart is finalizing an additional use for eBay India after agreeing to use it as a worldwide sales marketplace for its millions of sellers to trade refurbished or used products. The largest online platform of India will mainly employ eBay India, which it lately obtained, to trade used products it gets from users via its buyback guarantee schemes and product exchange offers, as per 3 people having deep knowledge of the plans of the company.

Flipkart Plans To Employ Ebay To Challenge OLX And Quikrbazaar

The entry of Flipkart into the online 2nd-hand goods business will place it directly against OLX and QuikrBazaar in a chiefly unorganized market. Amazon India by now trades refurbished mobile handsets as well as permits users to trade used goods via its platform openly. “Flipkart is discovering various possibilities to use the platform of eBay India and is not being preventive to a segment or a range of business,” a Flipkart spokesperson claimed to the media.

Flipkart had claimed at the time of its acquirement of eBay.in that the marketplace might be used for cross-border sale, a move developed to give vendors of Flipkart the access to global users of eBay and user of Flipkart access to global inventory of goods of eBay. The repurposing of Flipkart for eBay.in as a marketplace for used products ties in with its various plans to boost sales.

For example, at the time of its Big Billion Days sale, 1 in 4 users purchased premium handsets in the category with its buyback guarantee offer, as per the firm. That might probably leave Flipkart with a huge number of 2nd-hand handsets when those users agree to use the assurance, which can probably be traded via eBay.in post refurbishing. Flipkart traded 1.3 Million handsets within the initial 20 Hours of the segment opening for trade. Flipkart presently operates with seller below scrap bionetwork to circulate used goods that it gets from users.

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