FB Says They Won’t be Hiring Publishers To Update Content

Facebook’s Campbell Brown who heads News Partnerships declared that she would be responsible for ensuring that Facebook carries quality news and but will have nothing to do with persuading organizations to include their news content on Facebook. She was speaking at the California based ‘Code Media 2018’ convention arranged by ReCode. Brown who was earlier an anchor on CNN and NBC had joined Facebook in the past year to head its News Partnership section.

FB Says They Won’t be Hiring Publishers To Update Content

A report contained in ‘The Verge’ gave her take on the effects of stopping of the news content flow from Folha de Sao Paolo, one of the big newspapers of Brazil. She found it hardly surprising as the newspaper had been erratic in publishing news on Facebook for quite some time. Anyways she clarified that it was not under her job profile to prevail upon the publishers. Publishers were free to decide if Facebook suited them or not.

Brown also revealed certain updates introduced on Facebook and one of them was permitting the sale of news sites subscriptions by publishers. Another was the prioritization of local news on Facebook’s News Feed which would enable users to keep abreast of the happenings in their locality. The ‘See First’ element of Facebook allowed one to rank the sources of their news content.

Alex Hardiman, who heads News Product and Brown, felt that in the absence of any criteria for publisher eligibility, the news prioritization feature will prove beneficial to big-sized local publishers and niche topic oriented ones. However, the greatest beneficiaries would be small-sized new outlets more than any other due to their focused readership at one site. Besides this feature of prioritization of news content, Facebook was also involved in bringing out a section titled ‘Today In’ which was dedicated to connecting users to the happenings and events in their area. This however, is still in the testing stage.

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