Ex-NSA Menon Reveals China’s Ploy To Divide India And Bhutan

The political goal of China was to create a distance between India and Bhutan on the issues of Doklam standoff. This was stated by Shivshankar Menon, the departed National Security Advisor while he praised the government for taking care of the issue in a splendid manner.

Ex-NSA Menon Reveals China’s Ploy To Divide India And Bhutan

Menon was in the said post from 2010 to 2014 during the former UPA rule. He even added that the integrated approach was needed to manage the border of the country.

He addressed the people of the conference and said the reason behind the activity of Doklam was not due to the defined military option or superiority. This was done to target the political goal, which was to split the Indian from the Bhutanese.

New Delhi has been offering constant military support to Bhutan and has a very positive relationship with them.

The motto of China was to create a perception on the mind of Bhutanese that India is incapable of offering a proper protection to them. However, Menon expressed his happiness due to the way India reacted to the entire situation.

He was also in the position of Foreign Secretary of India between October 2006 and August 2009.

The military of China and India were locked for a period of 73 days standoff in Doklam. This was done from June 16 last year after the construction of the road was stopped on behalf of India in the highly disputed tri-junction by the army of China. Even China and Bhutan have a disagreement over Doklam and the face-off got over on August 28.

India is the closest neighbor of Bhutan and it enjoys a closer companionship and military support offered by India.

Menon dug deeper into the attributes of the border management and stated that the armed forces must put their endeavors to grab the confidence of the people of Northeastern states on the said issues.

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