Cruz, The School Shooter Of Florida Was Naïve, Quirky

The family that had adopted Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooter responsible for killing several of his classmates last week in a school shooting, said in an interview on Sunday to Sun-Sentinel that they had not experienced any tendency of violent behavior from him though they considered him a little naïve and quirky. The 19-year-old student was taken in by the Snead family of Parkland Florida just last year in November after Nikolas’s mother who was his sole supporter, died of pneumonia related complications at a suburban hospital.  He was a school friend of their son.

Cruz, The School Shooter Of Florida Was Naïve, Quirky

According to James Snead who is also an army veteran, when they took in Cruz he was warned that the regulations would be very strict and he was decent enough to follow all of them very sincerely.

His wife Kimberly Snead who is a nurse expressed horror at not being able to see the monstrous side of the teenager whom they welcomed home as the bereaved school friend of their son. The boy has emerged as a troubled youngster who had been expelled from his previous school for disciplinary issued. The Sneads describe Cruz as a naïve individual who was not used to performing any household chores like laundry, housecleaning, cooking or even keeping his room clean.

The FBI team investigating the case admitted that they had received a warning about Cruz’s potential to carry out a school shooting similar to other cases committed in United States during last year; they did not act on the warning. Their timely action could have saved the 17 innocent people that were gunned down by Cruz last week by an AR-15 rifle that he had purchased causing the nation’s worst massacre carried out at a school. According to the Sneads, Cruz seemed lonely and in need of a girlfriend to confide in as he was depressed about his mother’s death.

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