Cold Blooded Murderer Visited Fast Food Joints After Killing 17

The man, who has been accused to kill 17 people in the high school has a cool nerve and went to two food joints after committing the crime. Post the visits he was arrested, which was within a couple of hours of accomplishing the heinous crime.

The authorities confirmed that Nikolas Cruz, the gunman, halted at Wallmart, Subway restaurant, and McDonald’s after commencing the horrific mass shooting. It is the second incident of this kind that took place at a public school in the history of the United States.

Nikolas Cruz ran across the fields and went to the west to mix with the group of people who were running to save their lives after the massacre.

He has been charged with premeditated murder of 17 people and is also accused of using an AR-15-style weapon, which was purchased legally. He carried out the attack in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School based in Parkland, on the outskirts of Miami. He was also a student of this school but was expelled due to some disciplinary actions.

Cruz had already left a warning message on the social media platform by commenting on a YouTube video. He commented that he was going to be a competent school shooter. This comment was passed to the FBI by a social media user in September. However, Federal Bureau of Investigation couldn’t find a link between the comment and Cruz.

According to Robert Lasky, the FBI Special Agent in Charge said that apart from the simple statement, no other specification was provided in that comment. Even the identity was not revealed to track the criminal in Florida.

After the incident, Donald Trump gave a speech in the White House and stressed on the safety of the schools as well as mental health. However, he completely avoided giving any statement on the gun policy.

According to the people who knew Cruz said that he was a sad and remorseful human being. Killing animals was a normal activity for him and the neighbors have also noticed officials from law enforcement at his house.

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