BJP Believes Modi And Yogi Will Win Them Upcoming Bypolls

There is one month to go for the by-polls of Lok Sabha of Phulpur and Gorakhpur and while BJP is counting on Modi at central government and Yogi government to hold on to the 2 seats, opposition claims that the UP government has failed to keep up the promises they made to the people thereby improving their chance on these seats.

BJP Believes Modi And Yogi Will Win Them Upcoming Bypolls

Adityanath Yogi and his Deputy Maurya had vacated their seats in the Lok Sabha of these seats after becoming members of Legislative Council.

After the results in Gujarat elections and Rajasthan by-elections, these upcoming bypolls will keep the Congress on a test.

Yogi Adityanath has represented Gorakhpur in Lok Sabha for five times and before him, for three times Yogi’s mentor Avaidyanath represented it in Parliament, so this constituency is important to the BJP.

The by-polls are scheduled on March 11, 2018, and Rakesh Tripathi, a BJP spokesperson stated that BJP will be victorious just like March, 2017 elections where BJP won 325 seats with its allies out of total 403. He also added that BJP won in 2017 due to Modi Government’s performance and now with Yogi in UP they will bag these seats too.

Congress asserts that in UP, they will spot out the shortcomings of the Yogi government to the people. Ashok Singh, a Congress representative from UP said that they will contest for the seats in Gorakhpur as well as Phulpur. They will show the people of UP how miserably BJP has failed to keep up the promises they made in the previous election, how the problems of people are still unresolved and people still suffer due to lack of regulation of laws in the state.

The members of both the parties, Congress and SP, claim they will strongly contest on these seats and will win.


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