Cruz, The School Shooter Of Florida Was Naïve, Quirky

The family that had adopted Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooter responsible for killing several of his classmates last week in a school shooting, said in an interview on Sunday to Sun-Sentinel that they had not experienced any tendency of violent behavior from him though they considered him a little naïve and quirky. The 19-year-old student was taken in by the Snead family of Parkland Florida just last year in November after Nikolas’s mother who was his sole supporter, died of pneumonia related complications at a suburban hospital.  He was a school friend of their son.

Cruz, The School Shooter Of Florida Was Naïve, Quirky

According to James Snead who is also an army veteran, when they took in Cruz he was warned that the regulations would be very strict and he was decent enough to follow all of them very sincerely.

His wife Kimberly Snead who is a nurse expressed horror at not being able to see the monstrous side of the teenager whom they welcomed home as the bereaved school friend of their son. The boy has emerged as a troubled youngster who had been expelled from his previous school for disciplinary issued. The Sneads describe Cruz as a naïve individual who was not used to performing any household chores like laundry, housecleaning, cooking or even keeping his room clean.

The FBI team investigating the case admitted that they had received a warning about Cruz’s potential to carry out a school shooting similar to other cases committed in United States during last year; they did not act on the warning. Their timely action could have saved the 17 innocent people that were gunned down by Cruz last week by an AR-15 rifle that he had purchased causing the nation’s worst massacre carried out at a school. According to the Sneads, Cruz seemed lonely and in need of a girlfriend to confide in as he was depressed about his mother’s death.

Special Puja At Visa Temple May Aid In Bringing Back Bank Defaulters

Priests at the popular Chilkur Balaji Temple located close to Hyderabad confidently claim that their prayers will bring back billionaire Nirav Modi accused of escaping overseas after defrauding PNB bank of Rs. 11,300 crores. The man who was last seen at a hotel in New York will be forced to come back by their “special puja” if the government is not able to bring him claim the priests. These head priests here also believe that their puja or combination of prayers and ceremonies will solve the banking crisis plaguing the nation and will help to bring back the money stolen by defaulters that have been hidden away in overseas account.

Special Puja At Visa Temple May Aid In Bringing Back Bank Defaulters

The Chiklur Balaji Temple is popular among locals in the region that are seeking visa to United States and other locations so is referred to as “Visa Temple” by people that visit the deity with hopes of getting their wish fulfilled. The idea of “special pooja” was mooted by the temple’s head priest Dr. MV Soundarajan who is confident that it will bring back money from all defaulters irrespective of their reach and status. The puja conducted on Feb 19th will be attended by several thousand devotees.

Pujaris or priests of the temple will chant the name of lion god “Runa Vimochana Nrusimha Stotram” which is a powerful stotra to relive people of insolvency and debt. Priest CS Gopalakrishna who is also a head priest at the temple stated that the current financial crisis being faced by banks has caused threat to livelihoods of several people and prayers offered to Lord Laxmi Nrusimha whose consort is the goddess of wealth will help to tide over existing debts. He stated that during the special puja the “Runa Vimochana Nrusimha Stotram comprising of nine verses will be chanted by a large group 11 times.

SBI’s Rs 1,360 And Allahabad Rs 2,000 Crore Swindled In PNB Scam

Nearly Rs 2,000 Crore of Allahabad Bank in the scam worth Rs 11,400 Crore based on the credit cards issued by Punjab National Bank (PNB). Apart from this, the country’s largest lender, State Bank of India (SBI), has also given a loan of Rs 1,360 Crore.

SBI’s Rs 1,360 And Allahabad Rs 2,000 Crore Swindled In PNB Scam

One source said that Allahabad Bank has given a loan of Rs 2,000 Crore on the basis of PNB’s fraudulent guarantee letters. On the basis of these credentials, foreign branches of other banks gave loans to companies of Nirav Modi. The source said that this money was transferred from Hong Kong branch of Allahabad Bank to Nostro account of PNB. The source said that the bank has already made a claim for recovery of this money.

On the basis of the letter of credit issued by PNB, SBI has given a loan of $ Rs 1,360 Crore. However, this public sector bank has not given any loan directly to Nirav Modi. SBI Chairman Rajneesh Kumar said in Kochi on Friday, “We have not given any direct loan to Nirav Modi but have definitely given some money to PNB.” He informed that the bank has given it on the basis of the credit or guarantee letter (LOU) issued by PNB of Rs 21.2 Crore to Modi.

Kumar said that SBI has definitely given some loan to Mehul Chowksi of Gitanjali James, who is Nirav Modi’s relative. However, this is not a huge amount and we are not worried about it. When asked about SBI’s gems and jewelry sector loan, Kumar said that it is less than 1% of the bank’s total home loan. He said, ‘Our home loan book is Rs. 16 lakh crore. It has a share of gems and jewelry sector worth Rs 13,000 Crore which is less than 1%.

Critics Suspicious As Google’s Chrome Starts Ad Crackdown

This week, Google will start employing its Chrome browser to eliminate ads it thinks detrimental or otherwise annoying to consumers. It just so occurs that most of the own lucrative ads of Google will make an entry via its fresh filters.

Critics Suspicious As Google's Chrome Starts Ad Crackdown

The decision, which Google initially surfaced back in June, is apparently planned at making online ad more bearable by marking sites that operate maddening ads such as ones that automatically gets played along with sound. And it is employing a huge hammer. Chrome will begin jamming all ads comprising that of Google on felonious sites if they do not improve themselves.

There is some mockery here, as long as Google’s plan is partially to induce users to switch off their personal ad-jamming software. These well-liked browser add-ons divest Google and publishers of income by avoiding ads from being seen. Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, vice president of Google, claimed in a blog post that the firm plans to keep the Internet clean by filtering out troublemaking experiences of ad.

But the firm’s methods and motives are both below attack. In conjunction with Facebook, Google rules the market of online advertising. Combined they added up for more than 63% of the $83 Billion invested on U.S. digital advertisements in 2017, as per eMarketer. Google is also practically identical to the online search, and Chrome is the most well-liked browser on the Internet, with an almost 60% share in the market.

So to enemies, Google’s decision seems less similar to a neighborhood attack than a declaration of supremacy. Google’s attempt aims on 12 ad types condemned by a group named as the “Coalition for Better Ads,” whose members comprise Facebook, Google, the News Media Alliance, and News Corp. News Media Alliance stands for 2,000 newspapers in Canada and the U.S. This data was backed by the industry sources as well.

Like That TV? Purchase It Now, You Can Pay Afterwards

Purchase now, pay afterwards. Purchasers for user goods will be allowed to commence paying EMIs (equated monthly installments) 2–3 Months after they get their televisions, smartphones, and refrigerators in a decision that the market expects will raise dropping sales.

Like That TV? Purchase It Now, You Can Pay Afterwards

Such offers with a suspension on transaction are widespread in real estate. Now, NBFCs such as Capital First, Home Credit India, and Bajaj Finance have queued up such offers to entice users of smartphones and white goods since they are running away from making optional purchases, 3 senior executives of the industry claimed to the media in an interview.

Above all of this, repayment conditions have been expanded now up from 24 Months to 30 Months. The NBFCs are launching out these financing alternatives in partnership with all leading regional and national retail chains and speaking to ecommerce marketplaces such as Flipkart and Amazon as well, the officials claimed.

“It is an attempt to draw users and improve their decision of buying,” claimed director at Great Eastern Appliances, Pulkit Baid, to the media in an interview. Now, Great Eastern Appliances is a 50-store durable retail store that is operating with Capital First and Bajaj for the deferred EMI alternative.

CEO of the Mobiliti World (the230-store cellphone retailer), Akshay Kher, claimed that users will advantage from these offers that might push trades of mid-to-premium section handsets. “The cost reacted with the finance holiday is majorly tolerated by the users and most of the times by the brands in case of any extraordinary offer,” he claimed.

User finance firms are also talking in some of the prices incurred on such offers below the head of user acquirement, which earlier went towards installing fixed-cost assets, branches, and marketing expenses. GfK, the sales tracker, claims that sales of television have been dropping since October last year.

The Famous “Taj Mahal” Visited By Justin Trudeau And Family

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada along with his family visited India’s most influential and famous heritage “Taj Mahal” in Agra over the weekend. Sophie Gregoire, his wife has accompanied him along with three kids, Hadrien, Xavier, and Ella-Grace.

The Famous “Taj Mahal” Visited By Justin Trudeau And Family

In the past few years, India along with the prominent heritage Taj Mahal has witnessed many foreign dignitaries. The scenic Taj Mahal was built by the 17th-century ruler of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal who after giving birth to their 14th child died. The heritage is located at Yamuna River.

Taj Mahal is considered to be the astonishing example of the architecture during the Mughals as it was influenced by the blend of elegant designs of Islamic, Indian and Persian. The monumental structure is purely crafted with the elegance of white marble with semi-precious stone studded while being inscribed with “Quran” verses. Since 1983, it has been designated as the “World Heritage” site by the UNESCO and is considered to be one of the seven greatest wonders of the world. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has landed on Saturday in India for a long state visit. The Canadian PM is expected to visit Mathura’s Elephant Conservation Center (Wild Life Century) after completing his visit to Taj Mahal.

The Wild Life Century of Mathura is expected to be shut for the public for minimum 2 hours as the Canadian PM will be visiting the sanctuary along with his family. Justin Trudeau’s week-long state visit in the country will include Amritsar, Mumbai, Agra, New Delhi and Ahmadabad while also providing opportunities for Indian leaders in business and government to connect with Trudeau while strengthening the economic ties of Canada and India and promoting girls and women empowerment.

The close friendship between Canadian and Indian the two countries will reaffirm while discussing measures for increasing the bilateral cooperation. There will be several roundtable conferences with participation of Trudeau for promoting the investment and trade between the two countries.

Scientists Develop “Electronic Skin” That Can Recycle And Heal Self

A new kind of self-healing, completely recyclable, and malleable “electronic skin” has been developed by scientist that has applications spanning from prosthetic development and robotics to superior biomedical tools. Electronic skin, called as e-skin, is a translucent, thin substance that can imitate the mechanical properties and functions of human skin, as per a research published in the Science Advances journal.

Scientists Develop “Electronic Skin” That Can Recycle And Heal Self

Sensors are been integrated into this new e-skin to evaluate air flow, temperature, pressure, and humidity. The technology has numerous unique properties, comprising a new sort of covalently linked dynamic network polymer, acknowledged as polyimine, which has been tied with silver nanoparticles to offer enhanced chemical stability, electrical conductivity, and mechanical strength.

Jianliang Xiao of the University of Colorado Boulder in the United States said, “What is exclusive here is that the polyimine’s chemical bonding we utilize enables the e-skin to be completely recyclable as well as self-healing at room temperature. Considering the huge quantity of electronic waste produced every year across the world, the recyclability of our electronic skin makes good environmental and economic sense.”

One more advantage of the new electronic skin is that it can be simply adapted to curved surfaces such as robotic hands and human arms by applying moderate pressure and heat to it with no need to establish excessive pressures. Wei Zhang of the University of Colorado Boulder said, “Let’s state you desired a robot to pay attention to a baby. In this instance, you would incorporate electronic skin on the fingers of the robot that can sense the weight of the baby. The notion is to attempt and imitate biological skin with electronic skin that has preferred functions.”

In order to recycle the e-skin, the tool is immersed into recycling solution, thus degrading the polymers into monomers (the tiny molecules that unite to form polymers) and oligomers (the polymers that have polymerization degree generally under 10) that are soluble in ethanol.

Sr. BJP MP Expelled For Rape Attempt On Acid Attack Victim

BJP leader Rajendra Namdev was suspended by the party after he was accused of raping. The police have filed a case against him for molestation.

The victim of this alleged molestation is a survivor of an acid attack in 2016 and is of 25. She went to the Hanumanganj Police station and filed a complaint against Namdev. Soon after this, Namdev was expelled from the Silai Kadhai Board of which he was the vice chairman.

BJP leader Rajendra Namdev

The girl was attacked with acid in Arera Colony, Bhopal but she survived it. Namdev had helped her during that time but before 4 months from now, he summoned the girl to Rajdut Hotel in the city area of the old Bhopal and enclosed her in his room there and had molested her for two consecutive days. He also tried to assault her sexually. Later on, the girl was able to escape from there.

Rajesh Singh Bhadauriya who is the Superintendent of Police stated that after the complaint was filed against Namdev he has been charged as per the IPC and the police are questioning him regarding the matter.

Following such allegations, he was immediately thrown off the party and his primary membership was also withdrawn. He became the member of BJP in 2016 after BJP won the by-election of Maihar with his help.

Rajnish Agrawal, a spokesperson of BJP stated that BJP is not like the Congress who protects their MLAs who are facing charges of abduction and rape. BJP does not favor such people who are accused of severe charges and so Namdev has been removed from the party as soon as charges were laid against him.

Hemant Katare who is an MLA of Congress is facing similar charges but the Congress is against such allegations stating it to be politically planned accusations.

Cold Blooded Murderer Visited Fast Food Joints After Killing 17

The man, who has been accused to kill 17 people in the high school has a cool nerve and went to two food joints after committing the crime. Post the visits he was arrested, which was within a couple of hours of accomplishing the heinous crime.

The authorities confirmed that Nikolas Cruz, the gunman, halted at Wallmart, Subway restaurant, and McDonald’s after commencing the horrific mass shooting. It is the second incident of this kind that took place at a public school in the history of the United States.

Nikolas Cruz ran across the fields and went to the west to mix with the group of people who were running to save their lives after the massacre.

He has been charged with premeditated murder of 17 people and is also accused of using an AR-15-style weapon, which was purchased legally. He carried out the attack in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School based in Parkland, on the outskirts of Miami. He was also a student of this school but was expelled due to some disciplinary actions.

Cruz had already left a warning message on the social media platform by commenting on a YouTube video. He commented that he was going to be a competent school shooter. This comment was passed to the FBI by a social media user in September. However, Federal Bureau of Investigation couldn’t find a link between the comment and Cruz.

According to Robert Lasky, the FBI Special Agent in Charge said that apart from the simple statement, no other specification was provided in that comment. Even the identity was not revealed to track the criminal in Florida.

After the incident, Donald Trump gave a speech in the White House and stressed on the safety of the schools as well as mental health. However, he completely avoided giving any statement on the gun policy.

According to the people who knew Cruz said that he was a sad and remorseful human being. Killing animals was a normal activity for him and the neighbors have also noticed officials from law enforcement at his house.

PNB’s Mumbai Branch Reports A Fraud Of $1.8 Billion

Punjab National Bank that is the nation’s second largest public sector bank has detected its largest financial fraud amounting to $1.8 billion at its single branch located in Mumbai that could include a large number of lenders. In the statement its officials stated that several unauthorized transactions have been detected at its branch that were apparently made for the benefit of few privileged account holders with active connivance of branch officials. These transactions revealed that the bank has advanced money to customers through their overseas accounts.

PNB’s Mumbai Branch Reports A Fraud Of $1.8 Billion

This recent revelation has led to further questions about alarming condition of public sector banks that are grappling with their worst phases of bad loans. The situation is likely to pose a tough challenge for PNB’s chief Sunil Mehta who took charge last year when his bank and 12 other banks were reprimanded and fined by Reserve Bank for violating foreign exchange regulations amounting to more than $1 billion. Though the bank has not given details about lenders that were given these funds or how this could impact its bottom-line, investigative agencies hope that there is enough collateral to recover at least part of this amount.

Punjab National Bank’s shares tumbled by 7.5% on the bourses after this announcement as the fraudulent transactions amount to almost eight times of the bank’s earnings in 2017. It is not clear if the fraud is connected in some way to a previous case wherein a jeweler had obtained fraudulent documents from PNB to obtain loans from another bank. These documents were fake letters of undertaking amounting to 2.8 billion rupees that were supposedly issued by PNB that the jeweler used to obtain funds from a bank. It appears as that the borrower used the details of transactions made by Punjab National Bank to its overseas accounts to get money from other banks without submitting adequate collaterals.