Apple Homepod Falls Behind Rivals On AI Assistant Performance In Latest Test

Loup Ventures, the US-located venture capital company, employed an overabundance of model questions to trial the chief smart speakers presently in the industry. It seems that Siri, the intelligent assistant fueling the HomePod from Apple, has some homework to do in comparison to the rivals.

Apple Homepod Falls Behind Rivals On AI Assistant Performance In Latest Test

Loup Ventures has experimented the Amazon Echo, the Apple HomePod, the Harman Kardon Invoke, and the Google Home smart speakers. In actuality, the test seems Siri go up in opposition to competitor AI assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana.

Even though Siri recognized 99.4% of the 782 queries inquired by examiners, AI assistant of Apple was only able to reply to 52.3% of them properly, positioning Apple behind rivals that were also tested by the company. Google Assistant replied 81% of the test queries properly, while Cortana gave answer to 57% properly, and Alexa replied 64% properly.

HomePod smart speaker from Apple has just been rolled out in the U.S., where it traded for $349. Revealed at Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple in June last year, this smart device has a couple of things up its sleeve to be prominent from rivals. HomePod has an exceptional group of 7 beam-forming tweeters that exactly aim the sound, from very thin beams all the way to consistent and true 360-degree audio. By focusing on those beams all over the room, the tweeters produce an immersive space sense—no matter where you’re sitting or where HomePod is.

An influential A8 chip designed by Apple is the brains at the rear of the most multifaceted audio improvements in HomePod. It is similar to the synchronized modeling of the woofer technicalities. The buffering is even more sophisticated and faster than run time. It is an ideal up-mixing of both ambient and direct audio. The Beam-forming allows your voice to be heard by the microphone over the music. And enhanced echo cancellation gets you astonishing sound as well.

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