Temperatures Dip In Europe Owing To Icy Blasts In Siberia

The wintery blast from the east is likely to bring freezing temperatures and chilling winds across Europe over the coming week.

The sudden outbreak of cold has already resulted to a number of deaths and postponing daily routines and important events like the football match and also causing traffic disorder.

Temperatures Dip In Europe Owing To Icy Blasts In Siberia

France recorded a temperature drop to −10 degrees C which may drop down to −18 degrees C in the next few days. The people on streets are at higher risks of health hazards.

France has arranged for emergency accommodations for the homeless where nearly 200 migrants took shelter on Saturday to escape the bad weather.

The Met Office in Britain that said the northern parts of England will experience 10 CMS of snow for the coming 3 days and the temperature could feel as low as −15 degrees C.

Travel disruptions in places might be experienced.

Russia is also not spared from the abnormally cold weather. The Temperatures in Moscow will be expected to drop below −25 degrees C; some parts will experience −35 degrees C.

In Poland, 2 people expired due to the freezing weather, bringing the total count to 46 since the month of November as per the national security center.

Frosty temperatures are estimated all through Germany as well, with a minus 22 degree C in some parts of the federal state of Bavaria.

Due to intense snowing in the parts of northern Italy, Turin, Series A TIM football match between Atalanta and Juventus has been postponed.

Schools will remain close for the next few days until the snowy roads of Rome gets better and the temperature lifts from −6 degrees C.

In Austria, the temperature is subjected to fall below −20 degrees C and Hungary is experiencing heavy snowfall; some schools in Croatia are also kept closed due to freezing climate.

The weather agencies in Spain also warned of a large amount of snowfall on Balearic Islands and Iberian Peninsula.


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