Toronto’s Campbell plant will close

About 380 people learned Wednesday that they will lose their jobs next year due to the closure of Toronto’s Campbell soup kitchen.

In a statement, the company explained that the plant, opened in 1931, is too old to be modernized effectively. Campbell decided to repatriate his soup and soup production to the United States at his plants in Maxton, North Carolina, Napoleon, Ohio, and Paris, Texas.

The closure of the Toronto plant will be phased in over the next 18 months, with a complete and final cessation of production in 2019. Employees will be offered assistance in finding a new job, in addition to receiving severance pay, Campbell assured.

“The decision to stop producing soups and broths in Canada has been difficult,” said Mark Alexander, President, Simple Meals and Beverages in America.

The company said it was facing productivity improvements in its other plants and a decline in canned soup consumption in North America to justify its decision.

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