UPS loses a family inheritance of $846,000. Offers the family to reimburse the $32 shipping cost

Louis Paul Herbert looked forward to the UPS package that contained his family inheritance in a bank draft. However, the package never arrived. The man has run out of 846 thousand dollars, although UPS has offered his apologies and a compensation of 32 dollars for the shipping costs.

The story began last February, when Herbert was finalizing the details of his father’s will and went to a local UPS store where he was expecting a package from his sister that contained his share of the inheritance: a bank draft of $846,000 never arrived.

It has been 10 months since then, and the man’s money has never been reimbursed. According to what he told the CBC:

I was waiting at the UPS store, around 3 pm, which was when they told me the guys came in, but my package did not show up. I returned in the night. Nothing … and then I asked myself, ‘What happened to my inheritance?’

Apparently Lorette, Herbert’s sister, sent the money through UPS after the bank advised her the bank draft formula as the surest way to send the large sum. In addition, the bank guaranteed that the money would be replaced if it was lost along the way.

However, things did not go well at all. A spokesperson for the TD Canada Trust has explained to the media:

While UPS service is excellent in our industry, unfortunately we are not perfect.Occasionally, packet losses occur. Our records indicate that our team followed the protocol to be followed in these cases, and our Operations and Security teams completed a thorough search of the package. Unfortunately, we could not locate it.

The postal service reimbursed Herbert’s sister for the $ 32 it cost her to send the lost package and sent a letter of apology. Obviously, this does not solve the problem. For its part, the bank refuses to reimburse the money unless Lorette has signed an agreement to recover it in case someone charged the lost money.

The woman says she signed the agreement, but the bank has not paid anything to anyone for the money. On the other hand, Herbert not only is indignant, the man says that he has exhausted his credit cards and is in the economic ruin, ” was my inheritance, and with her I was going to retire “

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