Sr. BJP MP Expelled For Rape Attempt On Acid Attack Victim

BJP leader Rajendra Namdev was suspended by the party after he was accused of raping. The police have filed a case against him for molestation.

The victim of this alleged molestation is a survivor of an acid attack in 2016 and is of 25. She went to the Hanumanganj Police station and filed a complaint against Namdev. Soon after this, Namdev was expelled from the Silai Kadhai Board of which he was the vice chairman.

BJP leader Rajendra Namdev

The girl was attacked with acid in Arera Colony, Bhopal but she survived it. Namdev had helped her during that time but before 4 months from now, he summoned the girl to Rajdut Hotel in the city area of the old Bhopal and enclosed her in his room there and had molested her for two consecutive days. He also tried to assault her sexually. Later on, the girl was able to escape from there.

Rajesh Singh Bhadauriya who is the Superintendent of Police stated that after the complaint was filed against Namdev he has been charged as per the IPC and the police are questioning him regarding the matter.

Following such allegations, he was immediately thrown off the party and his primary membership was also withdrawn. He became the member of BJP in 2016 after BJP won the by-election of Maihar with his help.

Rajnish Agrawal, a spokesperson of BJP stated that BJP is not like the Congress who protects their MLAs who are facing charges of abduction and rape. BJP does not favor such people who are accused of severe charges and so Namdev has been removed from the party as soon as charges were laid against him.

Hemant Katare who is an MLA of Congress is facing similar charges but the Congress is against such allegations stating it to be politically planned accusations.

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